Friday, December 18, 2020

Broaching in CNC-lathe

 The simple way to make an internal slot in your CNC-lathe

You need to get or make the tool, it's not included.


An example of the tool (not tested and not sponsored)

Broaching tool

I read a lot of tutorials on how to broach slots, everyone is parametric, with R-values, and so on, and I thought, can you do this easy?.

My solution so far, the main program and a sub-program, some inc programming, and we're there


N10 G54


N30 WORKPIECE(,,,"PIPE",256,0,-35,-30,70,30)

N40 T="PLUNGE_CUTTER_3P" ;zero Z at center of tool

N50 G96 S10 M5 ;not the best "no rotation" command

N60 G94 F300 ;feed mm/min

N70 G0 X30 Z2 ;startpos

N80 KILSUB P10  ;subprogram, P=repetition times (how deep you go)

N90 G0 G53 X500 Z600 D0

N100 M30

and the sub:

N10 G54 ;just in case

N20 G91 X0.3 ;inc cut/sub run, aka cutting depth

N30 G90 ;abs prog

N40 G1 Z-20 ;depth in Z

N51 g0 Z2 ;return of tool

N60 m17 ;exit sub

Things that have a deep impact, the P-value is the cutting depth x how many repetitions needed.

something's not completely finished, never tried this for real, just couch-programming

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