Friday, November 23, 2018

Do you want to be the CAD/CAM specialist?

Do you want to be the CAD/CAM specialist?

Everybody can make the big bucks, Do you want +$100.000 a year?
Learn and preform, as an expert on this, you will earn the good money, everybody know it (you have seen them….). rise your knowledge to the next level?
You can do it, no easy way, just hard work, but these instructions / tutorials will get you futher to your  goals, no fees, hidden fees, just for free (just click some ads, this is even free to do..) No: "click this". no: "do this to…", just a nice course online, you got my mail, just ask if you get stuck, I’ll try to help you get there.
I'v used this same course at numerous occasions with really good resultats in real life
This weeks new features… Educational material, tutorials on Siemens NX CAD and CAM, both mill and turn.
Turning manufacturing link==> …
Milling Manufacturing link ==>
The turn section has a lot of help videos #siemensnx #nx #cad #cam #manufacturing

Monday, November 19, 2018

NX turning, NX 7.5 CAD/CAM and later, whole course, for free

NX Turning, Manufacturing in NX

Made a website for the Turning part of Siemens NX training.
It's the same as the mill part but adapted for turning parts and includes threading, there are also some video instructions attached to this instruction that will explain the work thoroughly.
It shows file management, sketching, model (Solid modeling), tool handling, and manufacturing.
It's free to use.
It fits (most parts/tested in) NX6, NX7.5, and NX11

You will find it at

Made it from some weird conversion site, word to HTML, it may be funny in some parts.

Made a new apps for android.

These apps are the same as the mill and turning training material made for NX n an easy to use format,
You will find the mill app right here
You will find the turning app here

please comment the above, need feedback so I can make those resources better and more useful.


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

NX 7.5, converting units, inch to mm, mm to inch

If you got a model from internet, 's library or from some other source, you may end up with the "wrong" units on your model.
In NX 7.5 there is no drop down menu to make a unit conversion between metric and imperial units.
But there is a way anyway. In NX they did add hundreds (?) of DOS-programs that works like drop down menu command, but they did not added them the drop down menu object in the NX program.
If you'r familar to the CMD-command promt, go to the picture, otherwise follow the instruction.

Go to Search in windows, You got it down by the windows logo (start menu)
Write CMD in the search, click the Command promt that appear.
Now write C:\program files\nx 7.5\ugii\ C:\cadcam\model.prt -mm and enter
the "C:\cadcam\model.prt" should be you own part name and folder and "-mm" the conversion you want to preform I assume that you use -inch if you'r going that way, but I'v never tested this.
see the example down below
I'm sorry for the "too big" image, but it's hard to see othervise, I hope that this doesn't kill the layout on your mobile unit

NX 7.5 CAD/CAM and later, whole course, for free

I'v have a week with a basic NX 11 CAD/CAM course, the newbie one.
So when my student are doing their training on theres computers, I got some free time for my own work.
I created my training instruction as an online version, just for you(!!!). with both CAD and CAM, it's the one I use when I educate in CAD and CAM
It's a well-utilized time. (?)
Because I am a bit lazy I used Words translating tool to translate, so the language can be somewhat rough, please comment on things I missed and things that wrong linguistically.
It fits NX7.5, but most of the content fits even NX11
Use it for free even for professional use (It can't be wrong to paypal some $ if you use it to make money for yourself)
Do link my blog or webpage.

I hope that you find it useful
==>NX Milling instructions<==

More of the same will come later, NX turning, fanuc basic course, siemens 840D basic course, Millplus IT basic system. just wait :)