Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Drill/mill on the diametric part of the workpiece in Lathe (tracyl) Siemens 840D sl

Drill on the diametric part of the lathe workpiece(G19)
How it’s done,
Y Rotation (Much more on this later)
Z Distance in longitudinal (standard Lathe Z direction)
X depth (Diameter-dimensions).
Starting codes:
Besides the usual...
SETMS (1.. 4); The number of the driven spindle
TRACYL (50); Choice of machining on the diametric surface and diameter of the workpiece

Y will be the length of the diametric surface in mm or inch. (the rotation)
For example, if you have a diameter of 50mm, work out the perimeter and use these dimensions, 50xPi = 157,07963267948966192313216916398
This represents a whole 360 deg turn, use this for suitable split values between holes.
Example of 4 holes around a 50 detail

N41 SETMS (3) (Enable driven tool, the number may vary)
N42 TRACYL (50) (Enable milling diametric surface, dia 50)
N50 G97 S2000 F100 M3
N60 G0 X55 Y0 Z-20 (starting hole at 0 degrees)
N70 G1 X45 (drilling)
N80 G0 X55
N90 G0 Y 39.269908169872415480783042290994 (90-degree hole)
N100 G1 X45 (drilling)
N110 IS G0 X55
N120 G0 Y 78.539816339744830961566084581988 (180-degree hole)
N130 G1 X45 (drilling)
N140 G0 X55
N150 G0 Y 117.80972450961724644234912687298 (270-degree hole)
N160 G1 X45 (drilling)
N170 ................
SETMS (1) (Switch to the main spindle)
TRAFOOF (return to normal turning)