Tuesday, December 8, 2020

NX, right plane (CSYS) from the start, manufacturing

Get the machine zero secure in NX

a disclaimer may just be in an earlier version of NX, in NX7.5 this is this for real  

NX can be a jerk if you do manufacturing on a workpiece where the CSYS (model zero) are "misplaced"
If you going to avoid that, make the model zero correct for manufacturing from start.
applies for both mill and turn (more on turn below)
check the video

BUT,(maybe an old prob, NX 7.5 do this, can't make it in NX11 now for some reason)
 revolved turning model workpiece work a little different, you should do your model with X as the center axis (usually Z). When you enter manufacturing, like magic, it transforms to Z as it should be....
If you will start with a model with the Z-axis as i "should be" good luck, you got manufacturing with X as center axis, totally wrong and hard to fix at this level. Can do more on that, ask!

Correct me down below if I did a bobo