Sunday, September 30, 2018

Milling in lathe, siemens sinumerik 840D

If you got driven tools in your lathe, try this
Mill in the lathe, on the edge of the workpiece.

milling in lathe
If you can't see the moving gif, check my youtube

Raw code with comments:

N10 G54
N20 WORKPIECE(,,,"CYLINDER",0,0,-100,-80,200)
N30 G0 G53 X400 Z600 D0 (safe position, tool change)
N40 T="FRÄS10"
N50 M6
N60 G94 F100
N70 SPOS[1]=0 (set chuck (workpiece) to 0 degrees, need to be before SETMS(1) )
N80 SETMS(1) (set work spindle, driven tool)
N90 S1000 M3
N100 TRANSMIT (start G17, end plane milling)
N110 G0 X70 Y35 Z3
N120 Z-3
N130 G1 Y-35
N140 G1 X-70 (value X2 without DIAMOF, program in dia)
N150 G1 Y35
N160 G1 X70
N170 G0 Z5
N180 G0 G53 X400 Z600 D0
N 85 TRAFOOF (return to turning, G18)
N190 M30

How do you do that?
The programming make you able to do a mill program on the edge, see the pictures below.
If you does'nt use DIAMOF (and don't) the X-coordinate will be programmed in the double value, the machine (lathe) use diameter measurment on X.. If you use DIAMOF do'nt forget to DIAMON after the milling, otherwise everything will be interesting when you try to do your ordinary turning afterwards
And don't forget to shut off the milling with TRAFOOF (yep, correct spelling)

Programming, the blue square is the milling in the example, Zero on X and Y is in the middle, Z- is down into the picture

Make a comment if you want a more detailed explanation! :)


Thursday, September 27, 2018

New android app

Made it again

I made an new app for android without certain public interest.
I thought, " I want to make a new app, no idea what type, but I want to make one"
And then it hits me like a flash
I shall make an app that shows this blog in a little window on an android thingy

This app is not truly useless, you can use this blog much easier with the app, just open the app and read this fabulous blog.

You can thank me at any time :)

So where do i find this app?
Go to Google play <-link

The apps name is CNC Coding Guide Blog and is a free blog reader app with this blog in aim.
However, I'v got a small problem with it.
I can't test it before publishing, lost my android phone, or my daughter did, it is somewhere in the house, so it is up to you to try it out and tell me if it's a hit or a miss.

Have a nice one

Monday, September 24, 2018

3D printing

Instructions for the Grabcad Print software we are using on our Stratasys uPrint SE Plus.

The model we are using is a .stl-file, other file format will work, but for the most, .stl is the most used for 3D-printing

After you started the software, you need to add your model to the print software.
Just click Add Model and choose.

Add to grabcad

The Grabccad software will now place the model quite random, in this case, the model are made to have the right side down, not all model do this

Place the 3d model

If the model do place itself wrong, use the orient tool to put it as its best on the tray.
You can choose different angles that fitts your model
One option is to "orient face to plate", choose and click the face that will be at the bottom

align the 3d model

In case you want to print out more then one model, right click on the model and choose duplicate, add a value.

duplicate models

If the number of model makes the total larger then the tray, Grabcad makes a new tray/plate automatic

multi tray

Befor start the printing, check the estimate (down in the middle)
That will show you the print time and amount of material used

printing time est

Timelaps of the printing

Printer specific settings and setup, too much to add now, but who knows :)

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Control the content

As a reader, you can control the content of this blog
I can post a lot of interesting or boring stuff
-Raw CNC-programming.
-Manufacturing examples.
-Machine specific or CNC-Control specific info
-Random workshop rants
-New or instresting Tools and machining aid
-Millplus IT, Heaidenhain, Manual plus 3110, Fanuc 21/I0, Siemens sinumerik 810D, 840D and 840D sl.
-Relationships and food recipes (not under my supervision, dammit :)

Make a comment, your opinion can control the content.

Oh!, check out, made some LEGO

Manufacturing of a LEGODrawing of LEGO

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Android apps

I know it, you need an app for your android.

More specific, you need the CNC-programming app that will help you remeber the most used G-codes and M-codes when you doing your awsome CNC-program.
I'v got it here for you, just for you. And it's going to get alot greater, it's totally free, you only need to click some ads.
Fanuc or Siemens Sinumerik? got both
The apps are translated to Hindi, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

When you try to make some CAD/CAM and get stuck, you can find that too, as instruction video apps, easy to follow, no confusing mumbling, just "follow the pointer"-type video, watch a bit, try it on your own, and work on. This is an easy way to learn Autodesk Fusion 360 and Siemens NX.
You can find this videos at the tube on youtube

Click on the picture for a link to the apps

CNC Coding Guide apps

Monday, September 17, 2018

NX video help

Check out the NX video guides I'v made
I made them for Siemens NX 7.5, but they seems to work with NX11 with some minor thing that have new/other icons, moved functions and so on.
The guides covers both turn and mill, includes threading and simulating.
There are'nt any narrations och voiceover on the videos, just quiet hard work
You can get those on the website or in an android app, your choice :)

NX howto video app

NX video guides

Sunday, September 16, 2018

G12.1 driven tool in fanuc lathe

Code G12.1

If you are going to use a driven tool in the lathe (turning) you need to have a machine with C-axis capacity and of course, driven tools.

Content from Fanuc 21

You got to tell the machine that you will use G17,  edge plane, the front of the turning workpiece (the radial surface is G19, the normal turn is G18)
G12.1 make your lathe to a milling machine.
Code with explanations

N5 G10 P0 Z-100 (Workplane, zero point)
N10 G28 U0 W0 (tool change position, same as G53..)
N15 T0707 (tool change)
G0 Z3 X40 (start point for X, sensitive setting!) 
N20 G97 S800 
N25 G94 F200 
N30 M52 (start c-axis) 
G0 C0 (zero c-axis, same as start point in X) 
N35 M13 (driven spindel tool M3) 
G12.1 (milling) 
G1 X0 C9.5 (start point for the circular mill) 
N45 G1 Z-3 (go deep) 
G2 X0 C-9.5 R9.5 (circle/2) 
G2 X0 C9.5 R9.5 (circle/2) 
N50 G1 Z0 
N55 M30 

Programing in G12.1 in most machines make you use a standard mill programming on the face of the turning workpieces.
The coordinates are in this case, X and C (as Y) and Z
X has got its half value (diameter to radius)
C has its real value (same as Y in a mill program)
Z has its real value (depth value, as a mill program)

You need to make a proper start point before the mill programming.
For X and Z, before G12.1
For C (Y) after M52 (C-axis dependent, use before G12.1)
You may get the error "going through pole" otherwise
that error reveals itself when the programming you make is impossible for the machine to do, try another tool path to solve this

To leave the mill setting:
G13.1 (milling off, return to G18)
M53 (C-axis off)

More of this at

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 CNC Coding Guide

Are you interested to learn CNC or/and CAD/CAM
I've made some tool that will help you to make knowledge in this subject much greater.

CNC Coding Guide will educate you on CNC and CAD/CAM. 
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