Friday, October 26, 2018

just videos, the week...

This week, lot of progress

For my students, they learn a lot.

Check out his weeks videos:

My own pleasure:

Make a comment or a complaint, ("-do not do it that way" and so on....)
We can take a discusion about everything, I'v got close to 35yrs in this, I know a lot, but not everyting so your comment can make.. me to relearn? (or not :)

have a nice weekend ppl !!!!


Friday, October 19, 2018

made a *caugh... caugh* small error

Can happen to every one!

Yehaaw, made it, in front of my students...

I do not think it's a problem, misses in CNC programs and manual manufacturing happens all the time, just wait. it's this that makes a good CNC programmer/manufacturer, try hard to do, try and .... fail... the first time, but then, finally, on the mark on every makes a good and thoughtful programmer, as a mcahine'/workshop owner you need to let this s..t happen, it makes you worker better to earn your profit...
I know, 30+ years in single part machining, I done this, not every day but close.
Nothing can protect you of this (If you not have exeptional clever or lying or lazy personal)

Don't kill your machines to much and do not abuse to much cutting tools, you'll be fine :)
It is part of the development of a future expert

BTW, be carefull!! (closed doors, all security locks on its place)

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

cheap action cam, worth it?

Bought a cheap 1080p action cam

Are those any god? the Gopro5 I was using was "murderd" by some one, the case is broke, can't be fixed according to Gopro, they don't repair their cams. You need to buy a new one.
The Gopro has done a good job with good results.

Did'nt use action cams much so $400 for a new one, not a chance..
Bought a $30 cam instead.
Did edit it in 720, din't made anything much different
Check the video from the $30 cam

I don't have a good Gopro video from the 5 version to show, but we did a video with the gopro4.
Watch it and see if there are any differents..

I know that the cheap cam has no good close up/macro function and I did go close when filming
But for $30?
farly good I think
The actioncam got wifi and a pretty good app.
What cam then? it's a Rollei actioncam 372.
I'll try it more and present the results later

It's later: the water resistance plastic case has no chemical resistance what so ever, using it with cooling fluids make the plastic to crack and it falls apart, useless