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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Milling in lathe, siemens sinumerik 840D

If you got driven tools in your lathe, try this
Mill in lathe, on the edge of the workpiece.

milling in lathe
If you can't see the moving gif, check my youtube

Raw code with comments:

N10 G54
N20 WORKPIECE(,,,"CYLINDER",0,0,-100,-80,200)
N30 G0 G53 X400 Z600 D0 (safe position, tool change)
N40 T="FRÄS10"
N50 M6
N60 G94 F100
N70 SPOS[1]=0 (set chuck (workpiece) to 0 degrees, need to be before SETMS(1) )
N80 SETMS(1) (set work spindle, driven tool)
N90 S1000 M3
N100 TRANSMIT (start G17, end plane milling)
N110 G0 X70 Y35 Z3
N120 Z-3
N130 G1 Y-35
N140 G1 X-70 (value X2 without DIAMOF, program in dia)
N150 G1 Y35
N160 G1 X70
N170 G0 Z5
N180 G0 G53 X400 Z600 D0
N 85 TRAFOOF (return to turning, G18)
N190 M30

How do you do that?
The programming make you able to do a mill program on the edge, see the pictures below.
If you does'nt use DIAMOF (and don't) the X-coordinate will be programmed in the double value, the machine (lathe) use diameter measurment on X.. If you use DIAMOF do'nt forget to DIAMON after the milling, otherwise everything will be interesting when you try to do your ordinary turning afterwards
And don't forget to shut off the milling with TRAFOOF (yep, correct spelling)

Programming, the blue square is the milling in the exemple, Zero on X and Y is in the middle, Z- is down into the picture

Make a comment if you want more detailed explanation! :)