Friday, December 7, 2018

Nice pocket mill, DMG DMU 80T

The only thing this week, I did some milling in the DMU80T
Programmed in the Millplus IT v520 in IPP mode (mostly)
Made a video of it :)
The sound is 10 seconds to late, doesn't matter much, it's a cool video.
Check me out, laid back, drinking coffee in right on the video at 0.28-ish, no stress there at all.
Spindle speed 5000 rpm (S5000)
Table Feed is 1000 mm/min (the metric stuff, fast as...) You inch guy, count to get the real feed.. one inch is 25.4 mm (got to be 39.3 inch a minute? (inch/min?) )
I think the feed is to high, but it works on a single piece...
Oooh forgot, I use a 10 mm cabide endmill, the workpiece is in brass.

Have a nice weekend :)


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