Friday, May 8, 2020

thread milling inside or outside without special tools

Want to thread mill?
do not got the mill tool?
got a lathe/turning machine?
with a smaller thread turn tool, a boring tool actually.
This tool needs to be a tool for internal lathe, and then we go

as always, show the pic of the tool, this one is from, othervise sandvik
month the tool in you mill chuck and you're on the go

The tool on the pic is the (only) tool you need

we are going to show how to do it in sinutrain 4.7 (4.07) and cycles.
check the video after the instructions..

Chose an internal tool, called ..:

Threading tool is an option in sinutrain, use that, if you do not know sinutrain, check my other videos.

check the video for the rest, ask by mail for everything else

This work inside and outside, cool or what?


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